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Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 on the eve of the Viking Apocalypse

I don't know how true it is. I was married to a Swedish girl once and she never brought it up. I wouldn't put much credence in it, but on the other hand, it seems as if all the calendars are resetting. There's a story right there. Someone in a community college mid-evil history course puts it together in a paper and all the students make fun of her a bit. The teacher see's something more to it. All these calendars resetting every 300 to 400 thousand years. First the Mayans. Now the Vikings. Noah was about 300,000 years into the bible when everything reset. Crazy floods and a Super Freeze are on the schedule. So the student get's together with her teacher (who's killed in a bike accident) and then links up with someone trying to build a water pipeline from the mississippi to California and they get married and forget about the whole thing, because there's nothing that can stop it, so they move to Miami and build a boat city like Waterworld, like the Dennis Hopper Waterworld smokers not the atoll. Okay. There it is. Your quick little story about the Viking Apocalypse! Happy 2014 and Happy Viking Apocalypse

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