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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer time 2013

We'd like to take this time to Introduce some of our Authors to you.

Maria Mitchell is one of our most prolific authors with as many as 5 eBooks out and for sale.

Quite a catalog unto itself.  You can view all these titles by clicking on the title and the link will take you there.  She writes fiction and non-fiction.  

Marlies S. Perez has unleashed a series entitled "47 Destinies" with The Second Book in the series dropping earlier this year and the third could come at any moment.   The Reviews are stunning with a total of 22 on the first book and 9 on the second as I type this.

Geraldine Birch has two novels and is secretly working on a third and she won't tell me.  She's also my mother.

Greg Dean is a comedian with the proud distinction of having the most reviews.  He's at 54 as I type this.  He also had most of those before he started publishing digitally.  The book continues to receive huge reviews.  

Kristi Calderone wrote a Childrens book about a Mother and her daughter at the seaside.

Mike Richardson wrote an novel with escapist tones as he takes you in a taxi on quite a wild ride.

Jennifer Leigh Strauss continues to amaze as she travels the globe and visits art installations and also is studying to pass the bar all the while giving us great pictures of street art in Los Angeles.

Kevon Newman has written two fiction novels all the while diving headfirst into the Hollywood shark tank.  We expect great things from this Gentleman.

Thank you and good day.

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