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Sunday, April 22, 2012

LA Times Festival of Books 2012

Hello Julie Andrews.  We'd like to thank the LA Times for making an Author look like a rock star.  Totally great crowd down there today at USC.  Plenty of Parking and if you had time left over you went down to the Natural History Museums and the Science Museums and had a great time.  We got lost in a parking garage and had to run over a curb to get out, but that's another story.

What else was there?  The Mystery Machine!!

We even went over and talked to the publishing house that put out "GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP", It was just one Gal at Akashic Books and she was having a great time.  They've sure been enjoying a great year.

There were all kinds of independent publishing houses.  Some interesting booths that had nothing at all to do with publishing, like the Scientologists were there, and so were the Islamists.  It got weird at one point, but whatever, we had our personality test and we're gonna be just fine.  I could understand if the Scientologists had the "MISSION EARTH" series by L.Ron Hubbard for sale, but they didn't.  It's like they don't like to talk about their leaders strange sci-fi series.  

But Whatever.  You'd have loved it.  We loved it, and next year we were told that if you sign up early enough, then you can get your own little spot for around $900 and push all the strange fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, poetry, photography books, Childrens books and everything inbetween.

Viva The L.A. Times Festival of Books.

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