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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gotta Stay Busy

It seems like the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  Now Portugal is going bankrupt.  Wow.  Let's hope Spain isn't next, then we're all in big trouble.  The USA is scheduled to go into a Government shutdown starting tomorrow night at midnight.  We've got all of North Africa in an uproar and not to mention the Radiation leak happening in Japan that is worse than Chernobyl but everyone is denying it.

Thank Goodness the Bronxs' missing cobra was found.  That was something fun to follow.  Someone started a twitter feed of the missing cobra and those new yorkers are so clever.  Didn't get overdone.

Might still have the feed.  @Bronxszoocobra  was really funny all week.

What else?  We're thinking of new and exciting ways to get the word out about eBooks.  Free PDF downloads from our new site:

Oh yea, we just bought in case you wanted to know.

Viva the digital age, and even though the world might seem like it's falling apart, it's just rocking and rolling and this is what we should expect for the next little bit here.  Crazy Weather.  Crazy Revolutions and more murders in Juarez, Mexico than any other city in the world/per capita.  I think 2 Mexicans died while I was writing this.

Juarez, Mexico is crazy.

So to recap:  Stay inside and write that story.

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