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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the new year

We've got to set you up right this year.  Let's break down how you can write more.

1.) Stop Sleeping so Much
2.) Buy more pens and pencils and notebooks
3.) Find some time
4.) Listen to your favorite music and let everything in your mind out onto the page.  It doesn't have to make sense at first.
5.) Throw a party and tell people you're writing a book.
6.) Make an outline of how you think the story should be on a big ass piece of cardboard.  
7.) CHARACTERS! CHARACTERS!  The more the better and don't be afraid to use MOM but call her Janet (unless your moms' name is Janet, then use something else) Or anyone else you know really well that would be a great character. 
8.)  Write an episode of your favorite TV show just for practice.

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